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GAnarchy is a decentralized project hub. Additionally, it's an attempt to
decentralize development: What if you could build a community around
fragmentation? GAnarchy proposes a development model that is not centered
around "sending patches".

There are not and there never will be Pull Requests, Merge Requests or Email
on GAnarchy.

Quick Start Guide

First, initialize the database with `python -m ganarchy initdb`. The database
is stored in the XDG data home, as per the XDG Base Directory specification.

Then create or edit the file `$XDG_CONFIG_HOME/ganarchy/config.toml`. It
can contain the following items, some of which are required:

# Example GAnarchy config

# The base_url is the web address of the GAnarchy instance.
# Restrictions: MUST be present. SHOULD be https.
base_url = "https://ganarchy.autistic.space/"

# The title is shown on the homepage. If not present, defaults to
# "GAnarchy on [base_url's hostname]".
title = "GAnarchy on autistic.space"

# The repo_list_srcs table references external repo lists, which MUST follow
# the same format as this config but only the projects table (see below) is
# used.
# Each repo list src is an URL that points to the repo list.
# Restrictions: active MUST be present. MUST be https or file.
"https://ganarchy.autistic.space/index.toml" = { active=true }
# active=false won't be processed.
"https://ganarchy.github.io/index.toml" = { active=false }

# The projects table is made up of "project commit" hashes (see below for
# what a project commit is)
# Each project is made up of repos and branches
# HEAD is special and refers to the default branch
# Restrictions: active MUST be present. MUST be https.
"https://cybre.tech/SoniEx2/ganarchy".HEAD = { active=true }
# repos/branches with active=false will not be shown or updated.
"https://cybre.tech/SoniEx2/ganarchy".broken = { active=false }
# federate=false won't be shared with other instances, but will be shown and
# updated. (handy if you don't fully trust a repo yet.)
"https://soniex2.autistic.space/git-repos/ganarchy.git"."feature/new-config" = { active=true, federate=false }

A project commit is a commit whose message MUST start with `[Project]`
followed by the project name, and may have an optional description.

Example project commit:

[Project] GAnarchy

A Project Page Generator written in Python, focused on giving forks of a
project the same visibility as the original repo.

The following command generates the output pages in the "public" directory:

python -m ganarchy run public

You can change the directory by changing "public" to another name, e.g.:

python -m ganarchy run output

generates an "output" directory instead. You can then upload the result
to your service of choice.

Advanced Usage

In addition to the basic configuration above, you can also place your own
templates in `$XDG_CONFIG_HOME/ganarchy/templates`.

The current templates are: `index.html`, `index.toml`, `project.html`.

<!-- TODO further docs on advanced usage? -->