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  1. The unreasonable effectiveness of poisoning
  2. The k-odd and k-even numbers
  3. There is No Winning Move
  4. Control, Delete
  5. XY Problem
  6. What happened to Open Community Captions Forever?
  7. GAnarchy for Communities
  8. On Infrastructure
  9. We're rolling our own crypto
  10. Why we're making Wasm2Kotlin
  11. Bah
  12. Copyright is a System of Oppression
  13. What Do You Want To Do With Free Software?
  14. Thoughts on Web-based Protocol Handlers
  15. Remote Configs - An Analysis



The Fedi Links Project is an attempt to define fallback handlers for all web+* links so they can be used by decentralized applications that otherwise want a fallback to a website. The primary focus is on the fallback system, with additional specifications for some important decentralized protocols.

Website: The Fedi Links Project.

ActivityPub hashtag: #FediLinks.


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