Soni's Blog


We used to have posts here motivated by anger, frustration, and sometimes even harassment, and we're working towards making up for that. So we guess we should try to address those things. This is gonna be a heavy post, CW for harassment, abuse, violence, child sexual abuse, among other things.

We used to have anger/frustration-driven posts. Pretty much the first post on this blog was a rant about static website generators injecting metadata into the pages, even without the template having such metadata, mainly motivated by us not being able to figure out how to turn it off. One can argue that was harmless, but we feel it was unfair to the static website generator in question, especially when we compared it to malware.

Some less aggressive posts were just intended to make various tools look bad, like PyPI or whatnot. But we also made one post with graphic depictions of violence, with the intent of harassing someone. It was, plainly, a violent attack on them. Whatever reasons we had to not like them, don't excuse the things we said there.

We've also made plenty of posts dissing on web development as a whole. Or rather, web developers as a whole. We blamed web developers for the web being broken, and didn't notice how, many times, they have actually tried to fix it. The post also had some technical issues, which we won't address here.

Outside of this blog, we have tried to discredit IRCv3's efforts almost entirely. As in, trying to take a no-compromises approach against them, instead of talking to them and trying to reach an agreement. IRC is an open protocol, so it's possible for different extensions to be completely incompatible, but there's a difference between simply making an incompatible extension and actively trying to discredit someone's efforts.

On more darker notes, we have previously defended "kids should have their own sexual autonomy". We hadn't considered why we were led to believe that and the harm it had caused us, nor the harm it could cause others. We believed it because, among other things, we thought sex work would've given us a way out of our situation. We thought it could have freed us. We were always scared to try it tho, because ppl kept telling us it was a bad idea, but it wasn't until some rando on Twitter talked to us about our story that we were finally able to dispose of this idea.

We once befriended someone who ended up being bad for us and the ppl around us. We should've listened when ppl warned us about them, especially some of our friends, but we didn't. We wanted revenge, they wanted revenge, we kinda just enabled eachother, and we hurt a lot of ppl because of that.

If you've made it here, and you're one of the ppl we've hurt, we're sorry. If not, we hope you've learned something. This post is here to educate, to talk about the things we've done wrong, and we're still open to feedback on these, and more. Let's make this a conversation, so we can all learn from it; how about that?