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Remote Configs - An Analysis

Disclaimer: This post is gonna be rambly. Sorry.

So, GAnarchy uses an API based on its config file format to import/share/sync repo lists, and I'm trying to rewrite the config system to handle these. The main problem I'm running into is, perhaps, that remote configs aren't configs - not quite, at least.

An example GAnarchy config:

An example GAnarchy repo list:

And why does this matter? Well, I've been trying to mix the two, such that you'd have a single config key, like config_srcs, that lists additional configs, where HTTPS-based configs would get treated as repo lists (and have "sandboxing" applied to them), and file- and SSH-based configs would get treated as trusted remote configs (and have "sandboxing" turned off). But configs can override eachother, and ordering matters, whereas repo lists can't (or, at least, shouldn't be able to). To put it simple, mixing the two won't work. It's impossible. I've been doing this all wrong.

As such I'm just gonna split the features entirely. I might also not implement remote configs for the time being, until I have a system I'm comfortable with. I am, thankfully, no longer stuck in how to do that!

And thanks for reading along! This has helped me, and I hope it helps you too! <3